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2020 Preview

Greyhound | 2 August 2020

We know how you love watching Greyhound from do her chores, and this is an extra special one. Greyhound is cleaning a particularly filthy chimney at The Ranch. It is messy, dirty, and dirty...oh, and so is the Chimney.

To make it all more fun, BrutalMaster encourages her with a whip, just to make sure she is doing a good job. At one point, he has to piss and guess where it is going? Into a bucket and then onto Greyhound mixed with the ash and soot. It is incredibly humiliating.

In the end, the chimney is clean but poor Greyhound is more filthy than usual.

This is really a stunning video how a slave will do as she is told no matter what.

Video stills of Greyhound's Cleaning The Fireplace




Filth | 21 July 2020

This is what Filth wrote to BrutalMaster after making this video.

Filth, in its own words:

"Humping furniture, practicing face fucking with a banana and drinking its piss out of “filths” bucket otherwise knows as the toilet is a piece of cake for this fuckhole. In fact it enjoys servicing its other “boyfriend” the chaise. This pig enjoys being used even if its remotely. This is filths purpose to suffer and be used.

But seriously who would deliver a total of 122 strikes on itself?

This piece of meat would because this cunt mentioned it was thirsty for pain and blood. Master obliged and ordered it to deliver 50 strikes on each udder and each thigh.

Self confessing on camera and privately to Master that it lost focus only to be told to deliver 10 more. it deserved it and has learned its lesson.

Screaming, sobbing, endorphin high all possible by following orders and knowing the entertainment of this pigs self inflicted punishment would be amusing to all of you. Especially as you the viewers get off to its pain.

This pig was thirsty and the only option was to drink its own piss from the toilet otherwise known as “filths bucket” It was delicious."

Such a piece of meat all around and a self confessed masochist, pig, cunt and slave who would do anything to bring entertainment to you.


Video stills of Filth's Slavemeat




Wednesday | 10 July 2020

First a point of clarification. When we say "Asmodeus Bites" we are referring to the whip Wednesday made for BrutalMaster called Asmodeus. It is, without a doubt, the most vicious whip ever used in HELL!

And when we say it "Bites" we mean it bites into Wednesday's soft back flesh as she kneels on the prayer bench. It bites in the sense of torture, punishment, biblical atonement. In fact, this appears very biblical, perhaps Wednesday is a witch getting what she deserves.

After all, the cunt is on a prayer bench, and it is very likely she is praying for the agony to end. But in all honesty, we don't care if the bitch is praying. This is HELL! and god's authority does not extend here.

This is about abuse,. degradation, humiliation, and suffering, not for her sins but for the amusement of everyone else. Wednesday comes to HELL! because she knows what she deserves, needs, and is going to get.

It is going to bite.

Video stills of Wednesday's Asmodeus Bites




Carmen Rough | 1 July 2020

If there is one thing we love here in HELL!, it is a bitch who readily admits she is broken and understands that is why she is here to suffer. That pretty much sums up Carmen Rough and her reasons for coming to HELL!

She puts it bluntly, "I know I am broken." But the broken package is perfect to work over, including an ass that is made for the cane and, of course, all that red hair. (Something about the welts and bruises on a red head that make it all so much better!)

This session happened literally minutes after this cunt arrived in HELL! and you can see by her reaction, this is exactly what she was craving. That is not to say it wasn't intense, just the opposite.

Her treatment was vicious, brutal, sadistic -- you know, all the things one would expect from a visit to HELL! by a broken little bitch.

Carmen Rough's first time in HELL!

Video stills of Carmen Rough's First Time in HELL!




Greyhound | 20 June 2020

It was a hot day at The Ranch, a scorcher we call them, and Greyhound had already suffered, a lot. But that really makes no difference, as you will see.

You have probably seen pony training. It has its own majesty, but you have never seen pony training like this. Greyhouned, already degraded in the box, sweating, covered in dirt and her own pee, is put on the end of a long lead at the BondageLife Ranch and whipped to encourage her.

As the sun beats down the sweat rolls off her beautiful body and the whip marks her over and over as she gallops and trots around the training yard.

Just watching her being put through her moves, at the end of a whip, and you know what the word thoroughbred means.

Greyhound and her Brutal Pony Training

Video stills of Greyhound's Brutal Pony Training




Lita Lecherous and Whisper Thorn | 10 June 2020

We might have called this particular little event Ei Ei Hoe in honor of the two whores involved, but we didn't.

Lita Lecherous and Whisper Thorn ARE work pigs around the BondageLife Ranch. They are really pretty much just pigs all the time, but there is work to be done, hoeing (yeah, that's a pun) garden work, digging. It is dirty, hot and thankless work so who better than a couple of pieces of meat like Lita and Whisper.

Just to make it more fun, the bitches wear cuffs, ball gags and heels. It is not efficient, but it is so much more fun to watch them struggle.

Of course, when they don't get their chores done on time, there is a vicious bullwhipping for both of them, strung up on the pole, they wind up crying and begging.

In the end, they are left outside with their tear stained faces, makeup running, facedown in the dirt.

Whisper Thorn and Lita Lecherous are Work Pigs.

Video stills of Whisper and Liga as Work Pigs




Lilah Rose | 1 June 2020

Lilah Rose is one of our favorites here in HELL!, she always has been and always will be. But this particular session was really above and beyond, and much of it was her idea!

The slut is strung up, inverted, (she tied those ankle ties herself) and then she is tortured with candle wax and eventually a crank magneto electrical device that causes her to scream louder than we have ever heard.

In the end she winds up actually shooting the candle out of her abused cuntmeat and ejaculating all over herself (think self waterboarding) and the floor.

Stick around after the credits for an exclusive interview with Lila.

This is really something to see but then agian, that's why Lilah Rose is Lilah Rose.



Video stills of Lilah Rose's Waxed and Shocked (and ejaculated)




Fuckmeat | 21 May 2020

In HELL! just a few minutes and already on the iconic ladder. If only that ladder could talk, it could tell you about all the meat that has been strapped to it, what then felt, encountered, suffered, dripped, screamed. It would be a clarion of agony from all the years of torture and degradation in HELL!

But it is just a ladder. And Fuckmeat is just...well, fuckmeat.

In addition to a vicious bullwhipping, for extra measure, the whore's tits and nipples are further tormented with heavy weights clipped on. Her nipples are tattooed in the shape of hearts, but there was nothing soft and romantic about her agony, unless you consider pain romantic. (Spoiler alert, she does,)

Fuckmeat is a masochistic piece of meat, nothing more, perhaps something less. We will find out in...

Fuckmeat, First Time In HELL!


Video stills of Fuckmeat's First Time in HELL!




Abby Marie | 11 May 2020

Abby Marie is a pig, really, seriously, a real pig. You can pretty much see that by the photos but honestly, this bitch will pretty much do anything and you are going to love watching her progress, or more accurately degradation, into the depths of depravity where she belongs.

The whore's first day i n HELL! and within minutes she is suffering, humiliated (if that is ever possible with this piece of meat) written on and punished. She readily admits she needs abuse and torture, and let everyone know that is why she is here in HELL!

We love bringing new cunt-pigs to you, and this one should really be on the front page of PIG magazine every issue, if there were such a magazine.

Abby Marie, cute name for a piece of whore-meat cunt.

Video stills of Abby Marie's Torture




Greyhound | 1 May 2020

Greyhound, from BondageLife, is gimped often, you would be surprised how often. But in this gimp session, things go a bit differently. She is not only bound in a frankly cruel manner, but she is also periodically beaten for your amusement.

She struggles painfulle crawling around the floor, hooded, unable to see or speak (not that she is allowed to speak anyway) while being whipped. Eventually she winds up in her cage with a huge dildo, instructed to work the dildo which she tries to do.

This is really the perfect sequel to Greyhound's "Day in the Life," because this is how she spends so much of her life, one way or another Another glimpse into her reality.

This is Greyhound showing what a real slave looks like.

Video stills of Greyhound's Gimping




Filth | 20 April 2020

Clearly the world is a different place today. But a pig is still a pig and still has its cravings. With that in mind, Filth has its own spin on "social distancing" that involves abusing herself, including cleaning the toilet with her tongue, cleaning the bathroom floor the same way, binding and beating its udders and, well, you can figure out what that bucket is for.

This is a piece of meat who understands what it needs and what it deserves.

When asked about it, here is what it said: "During one of its tasks, this pig was craving Sir's piss. It proceeded to piss in the toilet and in a jar and drink its own piss."

"It took video of it and Sir was pleased with how it serviced the toile that day. It asked permission to share the video so that others could see what a piss whore it was and was denied. Instead, Sir let it know He wanted His whore to make a video for this"

"This pig is a cunt and lives to suffer. Its purpose is to suffer and be entertainment for others and for Sir."

We should note, the toilet is considered Filth's boyfriend and she must service it often.

Degradation, humiliation, punishment, torture, this is how a true piece of meat shows its worth.

Video stills of Filth's Return to HELL!




Carmen Rough | 10 April 2020

As you know, there is nothing we love more than introducing you to a new piece of meat in HELL!. This is Carmen Rough, as in, she likes it rough, more accurately, she needs it rough, as in, being roughly punished and tortured.

This delightful little pig-tailed red-head can take an incredible amount of pain, truly impressive. She is in HELL! a scant few minutes and is already being worked over. During her stay in HELL! she is beaten and tortrured and interrogated. She confesses to being a cunt and piece of meat.

This is called Bloody Terror because of the look in her eyes when she saw the needles coming for her udders. She was truly terrified because, as she puts it, she hates needles and they scare her...a lot.

You are just going to love watching this bitch suffer.

Carmen Rough, Welcome To HELL!

Video stills of Carmen Rough's Bloody Terror




Greyhound | 1 April 2020

We could have called this piece so many things, but in the end, it is a portrait of a slave, Greyhound from, going through her chores, her daily life. This is a stunning portrait of what a true submissive, a true slave does on a daily basis.

You have never seen anything like this.

It begins with Greyhound in chains. She is led outside to a punishment table where she is strapped down for her morning beating, after an appropriate time, she is released to do her chores around The Ranch. Of course, she is in heels and wears a ball gag during all this. In addition she is in a chastity belt.

Of course, she bears the marks of her earlier whipping through all this as well, always winding back in bondage.

Greyhound and her daily routine, unlike anything else.

Video stills of Greyhound's Daily Routine




Fuckmeat | 19 March 2020

Fuckmeat needs pain, she actually has a tattoo that says "Punish Me," if that gives you an idea of how masochistic she is. Sometimes that can present a challenge to find things that will really hurt this bitch.

With that in mind, we camd up with a little game that involved the whore's ass, legs, and ultimately the soles of her feet. We don't want to spoil it for you, but it was a pretty fun game to play with a willing cunt.

This is what meat in HELL! is for, your amusement, and who knows, maybe you can come up with your own game to play at home.

In the meantime, enjoy Fuckmeat and The Caning Game.

Video stills of Fuckmeat's Caning Game




Pussy | 12 March 2020

Pussy is a real piece of meat, you can tell by what she is willing to do to degrade herself for your pleasure, and how much pain she takes just to amuse you. For example, the bitch smokes but we don't let her have cigarettes. Occasionally, we will offer a cigarette if she will debase herself in some way, drinking piss or licking the toilet, things like that.

One time she begged for a cigarette and said she would crawl outside, in the snow (it is cold in HELL!) and shit in front of everyone in return for a cigarette. Now you may think that is just about her having a strong addiction, but she does not even smoke that much. She just needs to be utterly and totally degraded as much as possible.

And then there is pain and torture and for that, well, you will have to watch this bitch get worked over with the prison strap to see just how much she can take, all for your pleasure.

This is a side note, but one thing we loved about this cunthole was her absolute and unwaivering submission. She was just so natural, she grunted like a pig with no real training to do so, she knew exactly what position to assume, she seemed to thrive in chains. She was one of the most natural pieces of meat we have ever seen in HELL!

Pussy and the Prison Strap.

Video stills of Pussy's Prison Strap Torture




Whisper Thorn | 5 March 2020

We love bringing you new meat, but this piece is something special. She brought her own Men's Room sign to hang round her neck so EVERYONE would know exactly what she is. Please welcome Whisper Thorn to HELL!

And what a welcome she received, at the BondageLife Ranch, with the help of Lita Lecherous, the bitch was beaten until her udders were purple, black, and blue, and then her greedy mouth was used as a urinal for the rest of th day. She positively craved drinking Lita's piss...along with a few others'.

Whisper Thorn just craves abuse, humiliation, punishment, and degradation which is exactly what she got, over and over.

In the end, she was simply destroyed looking and very gratful for the abuse she craves.

Whisper Thorn is a Urinal Bitch.

Video stills of Whisper Thorn being a Urinal Bitch





Cupcake SinClair | 26 February 2020

When we say "Target Practice" we really mean Cupcake Sinclair IS the target. And what a lovely target she is.

It begins with our little target in the back of a truck, tied up, very much like an object. Once we arrive at a secluded woodlands, she is summarily yanked from the vehicle and marched to a tree where the real fun begins. Bullseyes are painted on each of her cute little tits with the nipples right in the middle.

It is really amazing how much an airsoft gun hurts. Of course, we only have Cupcake's word for that but she was REALLY convincing.

After that, the slut is turned over, put on her knees and her ass is painted with another bullseye, you can guess where the dead center of that one is, and this time, poor cupcake is a dart board.

Seriously, if you are going to practice your aim, isn't a cute little slut just the best thing to use?

Just another day of fun in the sun with Cupcake Sinclair as the target.

Video stills of Cupcake SinClair's Target Practice




Greyhound | 18 February 2020

Another incredibly intense session with Slave Greyhound from In this episode of her torment filled life, Greyhound is strung up in the HELL!'s barn cow stalls. She has been in them before but never like this.

She is mounted in the stall, facing out but with her perfect ass locked into place. We call this "Cow Stalls Beating," but it is really much more than a simple beating. Greyhound's beautiful ass is stuffed with a blow-up plug as well an inflatable dildo in her cunthole. She is tortured with electricity and after all that beaten until well bruised.

There is really no one like Greyhound!

Greyhound can take a lot and shows it in Cow Stalls Beating.

Video stills of Greyhound's Cow Stall Beating




Lita Lecherous | 10 February 2020

Lita Lecherous at the BondageLife Ranch suffers a long, torturous afternoon of cruel suffering. The cunt starts our in the standing cage, where she is kind of cocky, even snotty. That does not last long, not long at all.

Shortly after, she is moved to an old wooden school desk, a seemingly innocent piece of furniture that will become the whore's platform of degradation and torture. The beginning of her torment is electricity, she is hooked up to an electrical box and she stops laughing and smiling very quickly as the agony jolts through her whore-udders. It does not take long before her makeup is running and she is blubbering, screaming, and begging.

But this is just the warm up. After her tits are beaten with a yardstick, the real fun begins when the bitch waterboarded with the aid of Greyhound and Dart_Tech. Before it is all over, the cunthole is a waterlogged, crying mess. In the end, she is in the proper position on the floor on her hands and knees like a bitch.

Lita Lecherous tortured, waterboarded, degraded and so much more all for your amusement.

Video stills of Lita Lecherous'sTorture Ordeal, Waterboarding and More




Kristen | 3 February 2020

Welcome Kristen to HELL! and when we say "First Time" we mean that. This is her first time in HELL!, but also her debut as an on-camera piece of meat.

But this is not her first time suffering like the masochist she is, Clearly she has a great deal of experience with that.

In HELL!, the slut confesses to all sorts of things she has done in the past all while strung up and being beaten by BrutalMaster. It is always wonderful to bring some new torture toy into the dungeon and you are going to love watching this slut go from smiling and giggling to screaming in pain.

So, with that, Kristen, Welcome to HELL! for your First Time

Video stills of Kristen's First Time




Greyhound | 26 January 2020

If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are not enough words to describe the picture of Greyhound's profound agony and suffering in this session. It is as simple as that.

It started out as a simple bastinado torture, if the caning of soft cunt feet can ever be called simple. That is brutal agony enough but with BondageLife's Greyhound in HELL! it is never enough. After a long, painful caning of the soles of her feet, BrutalMaster moved onto other, shall we say, pursuits.

Greyhound ws strung up in ballet boots, her suffering feet screaming and then she was beaten on her long legs until she was screaming. You will simply have to see it to actually understand the depth of this punishment. Eventually, still in her boots, Greyhound is left on the floor of the barn to think about her suffering.

This may be Greyhound in bastinado, but it is also so much more.

Video stills of The Greyhouhd's Bastinado Torture




The Pig | 18 January 2020

When we say Balls and Assholes, we are talking about what The Pig loves to suck. That's why we call her The Pig. She admits her purpose on earth is to lick the assholes and balls of her superiors.

The cunthole is in the barn, chained in a very uncomfortable position, wearing only her slut heels and a ridiculous pair of non-shorts. However, just add a see-through blouse and this is pretty much what this piece of shit will wear in public.

She craves this treatment, degrading, humiliating, and most of all, painful. Because at the end of the day, what this cunthole craves more than anything is suffering and punishment.

Why does she need to be punished? Who knows, ask her next time she's licking your balls and asshole.

Video stills of The Pig's Balls and Assholes



Fuckmeat | 10 January 2020

We really love introducing you to new meat in HELL! Especially when that new meat has never been publicly exhibited before.

This is Fuckmeat, she brought that name HELL!, BrutalMaster did not give it to her. She's called that because, well, she is fuckmeat.

These are her first few moments in HELL! and she is already a suffering, drooling piece of meat. The pole is a wonderful introduction to suffering because it affords a small amount of movement but not enough. That is what Fuckmeat learned very quickly as she was being whipped.

The bitch was dripping the entire time she was being tortured and her nipples began leaking milk. We will explore that a bit later. In the meantime, this cunt is truly masochistic, it is almost as if she was made to suffer in HELL!

You will not see this bich anywhere else. This is literally her first time being seen like this, suffering, whimpering, drooling and in pain. She
is now a cunt of HELL!

Ladies and Gentlemen and all the rest, please join us in welcoming Fuckmeat and Torture On the Pole.

Video stills of Fuckmeat's First Day in HELL!




Filth | 2 January 2020

It is 2020, a new year, a new decade and the beginning of our third decade providing you with the most intense S&M anywhere! What better way to kick all that off by watching a truly low piece of meat descend even further into the abyss of her own degradation?

We are speaking of Filth, of course, lower than any animal we have ever seen. We always like to begin the year with something very special, and Filth is very, VERY special to us in HELL!

In this session the bitch is really destroyed, until she is nothing but a sniveling, whimpering, bleeding mass of tears and snot. When BrutalMaster is done with her, there is nothing left by bleeding tits are ass on a worthless piece of shit cunthole.

You really have to see Filth sink lower than any bitch ever has in HELL!

Filth is Bloody, Just Bloody.


Video stills of Filth's Bloody Torture





"There is no sadist I am more in awe of" ~Alebeard

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