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2020 Previews

Greyhound | 18 February 2020

Another incredibly intense session with Slave Greyhound from In this episode of her torment filled life, Greyhound is strung up in the HELL!'s barn cow stalls. She has been in them before but never like this.

She is mounted in the stall, facing out but with her perfect ass locked into place. We call this "Cow Stalls Beating," but it is really much more than a simple beating. Greyhound's beautiful ass is stuffed with a blow-up plug as well an inflatable dildo in her cunthole. She is tortured with electricity and after all that beaten until well bruised.

There is really no one like Greyhound!

Greyhound can take a lot and shows it in Cow Stalls Beating.

Video stills of Greyhound's Cow Stall Beating




Lita Lecherous | 10 February 2020

Lita Lecherous at the BondageLife Ranch suffers a long, torturous afternoon of cruel suffering. The cunt starts our in the standing cage, where she is kind of cocky, even snotty. That does not last long, not long at all.

Shortly after, she is moved to an old wooden school desk, a seemingly innocent piece of furniture that will become the whore's platform of degradation and torture. The beginning of her torment is electricity, she is hooked up to an electrical box and she stops laughing and smiling very quickly as the agony jolts through her whore-udders. It does not take long before her makeup is running and she is blubbering, screaming, and begging.

But this is just the warm up. After her tits are beaten with a yardstick, the real fun begins when the bitch waterboarded with the aid of Greyhound and Dart_Tech. Before it is all over, the cunthole is a waterlogged, crying mess. In the end, she is in the proper position on the floor on her hands and knees like a bitch.

Lita Lecherous tortured, waterboarded, degraded and so much more all for your amusement.

Video stills of Lita Lecherous'sTorture Ordeal, Waterboarding and More




Kristen | 3 February 2020

Welcome Kristen to HELL! and when we say "First Time" we mean that. This is her first time in HELL!, but also her debut as an on-camera piece of meat.

But this is not her first time suffering like the masochist she is, Clearly she has a great deal of experience with that.

In HELL!, the slut confesses to all sorts of things she has done in the past all while strung up and being beaten by BrutalMaster. It is always wonderful to bring some new torture toy into the dungeon and you are going to love watching this slut go from smiling and giggling to screaming in pain.

So, with that, Kristen, Welcome to HELL! for your First Time

Video stills of Kristen's First Time




Greyhound | 26 January 2020

If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are not enough words to describe the picture of Greyhound's profound agony and suffering in this session. It is as simple as that.

It started out as a simple bastinado torture, if the caning of soft cunt feet can ever be called simple. That is brutal agony enough but with BondageLife's Greyhound in HELL! it is never enough. After a long, painful caning of the soles of her feet, BrutalMaster moved onto other, shall we say, pursuits.

Greyhound ws strung up in ballet boots, her suffering feet screaming and then she was beaten on her long legs until she was screaming. You will simply have to see it to actually understand the depth of this punishment. Eventually, still in her boots, Greyhound is left on the floor of the barn to think about her suffering.

This may be Greyhound in bastinado, but it is also so much more.

Video stills of The Greyhouhd's Bastinado Torture




The Pig | 18 January 2020

When we say Balls and Assholes, we are talking about what The Pig loves to suck. That's why we call her The Pig. She admits her purpose on earth is to lick the assholes and balls of her superiors.

The cunthole is in the barn, chained in a very uncomfortable position, wearing only her slut heels and a ridiculous pair of non-shorts. However, just add a see-through blouse and this is pretty much what this piece of shit will wear in public.

She craves this treatment, degrading, humiliating, and most of all, painful. Because at the end of the day, what this cunthole craves more than anything is suffering and punishment.

Why does she need to be punished? Who knows, ask her next time she's licking your balls and asshole.

Video stills of The Pig's Balls and Assholes



Fuckmeat | 10 January 2020

We really love introducing you to new meat in HELL! Especially when that new meat has never been publicly exhibited before.

This is Fuckmeat, she brought that name HELL!, BrutalMaster did not give it to her. She's called that because, well, she is fuckmeat.

These are her first few moments in HELL! and she is already a suffering, drooling piece of meat. The pole is a wonderful introduction to suffering because it affords a small amount of movement but not enough. That is what Fuckmeat learned very quickly as she was being whipped.

The bitch was dripping the entire time she was being tortured and her nipples began leaking milk. We will explore that a bit later. In the meantime, this cunt is truly masochistic, it is almost as if she was made to suffer in HELL!

You will not see this bich anywhere else. This is literally her first time being seen like this, suffering, whimpering, drooling and in pain. She
is now a cunt of HELL!

Ladies and Gentlemen and all the rest, please join us in welcoming Fuckmeat and Torture On the Pole.

Video stills of Fuckmeat's First Day in HELL!




Filth | 2 January 2020

It is 2020, a new year, a new decade and the beginning of our third decade providing you with the most intense S&M anywhere! What better way to kick all that off by watching a truly low piece of meat descend even further into the abyss of her own degradation?

We are speaking of Filth, of course, lower than any animal we have ever seen. We always like to begin the year with something very special, and Filth is very, VERY special to us in HELL!

In this session the bitch is really destroyed, until she is nothing but a sniveling, whimpering, bleeding mass of tears and snot. When BrutalMaster is done with her, there is nothing left by bleeding tits are ass on a worthless piece of shit cunthole.

You really have to see Filth sink lower than any bitch ever has in HELL!

Filth is Bloody, Just Bloody.


Video stills of Filth's Bloody Torture





"There is no sadist I am more in awe of" ~Alebeard

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