Important Announcement
Keep your lowest membership rate as long as you are an active member


We never want to increase our membership fees. In fact, the last time we changed our fee structure it was more than a decade ago and we actually lowered the monthly price and added even cheaper multi-month options. Now, a dozen years later, we have to increase our membership rates but you can lock in your current, lower-cost membership by retaining your recurring billing.

If you cancel now, when you rejoin you will be billed at the higher fees. If you do not cancel your recurring billing now, you can keep the lower fees for as long as you are a recurring member.

Old/Discount and New Fees (recurring)

1 month | 39.99USD
2 month | 49.99USD
3 month | 69.99USD

1 month | 49.99USD
2 month | 69.99USD
3 month | 99.99USD


I DO NOT wish to cancel to my current membership so I can keep the current lower prices!

I DO wish to continue with cancelling my current membership and will pay the higher membership fees later.
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